“Quality is the soul of an enterprise, professionalism the future, service the development base, and clients’ satisfaction the top priority.” Adherent to this business belief, EGL MOTOR (YONGKANG EAGLE MOTOR CO., LTD) has marched forward all the way from a small motorcycle parts supplier to a veteran manufacturer of ATVs with sound reputation at home and abroad.
EGL is adept in making the most of amassed expertise and experience to expand its industry, cater to market demand, and realize timely transformation. In 1999, it successfully extended to leisure sports products, including Gas/Electric scooter and Pocket Bike, based on five years’ accumulation in motorcycle parts. Our products were well-received at that time, ushering us into international stage and wining us many loyal overseas customers. Afterwards, we hit our second turning point in 2003, that is launching first ATV model and publishing brand of EGL MOTOR. Since then, we introduced unique Sino-Hero series, Mad Max series, Super Madix series, and Electric ATVs and Wolf Series in succession respectively in 2005, 2009, 2015 and 2016. Pace for progress never end, so does the research and release of new products.
To better explore world market, EGL have made frequent appearance in various influential exhibitions, Canton fair, Germany INTERMOT, Italy EICMA to name a few. We were strongly aware of the significance of international certificates from the purchasers’ feedback and honorably became one of the earliest Chinese company granted EEC Certificate in 2005 and EPA Certificate in 2014.
Having CE, EEC, EPA, ISO 9001 as the hard testimony for our quality, EGL still fully understands the high-performance products can speak for themselves only by practical implement. Moreover, EGL actively takes China’s ATV industry development as its responsibility, meanwhile cherishes the ambition and passion for ATVs career. With four years’ persistent effort in lobbying for government’s support, the year 2012 finally witnessed EGL’s founding and participating in China’s highest standard professional ATV race, which is now held every year. EGL have consecutively taken part in and sponsored ATV races of various levels, and obtained a wealth of prizes, not only allowing us to upgrade performance but also receiving the favor of the racers and increasing our media exposure.
EGL attributes all its achievement to the cohesive enterprising members. With the specialized Market Research Department, EGL can make regular overall market analysis to adjust suitable market strategy according to customers’ need; with senior R&D Department, EGL can put amazing innovative concepts into creating distinct products with high quality to lead the ATV industry; with experience technicians and skillful workers, EGL can take full advantage of its most advanced production facility to live up to customized requirements and fulfill orders efficiently; with strict Quality Inspection Department, EGL can make sure all ATVs will be tough tested and defective ones be picked out before loading; with considerate and professional sales and service personnel, EGL can take care of every individual client’ s concerns.
Quality is our culture and to become China’s established brand is our aim. EGL will not be complacent over existing recognition and brand awareness from those who have been following EGL for many years; instead, we will never stop our step to move on and will respond you with better quality, more comprehensive service, and richer products, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.